Thank you for participating. There is no further CWWE planned at the moment.

We do not guarantee the 100% correctness of the table! If you find any issues or want to report something contact us until 14th of august.
Place Clan CW-Points Clanwars Wins Losses
VlsitorS 2903 (3103) 102 72 30
Mercenary 2099 (2599) 84 36 48
Movement 1145 (1345) 63 39 24
4. Punteria 829 31 22 9
5. Andromeda 683 40 8 32
6. Junks 197 8 3 5
7. BroForHoe 168 10 3 7

The Clanwar Weekend (CWWE) is a seperate competition between clans of WolfTeam, independent of the ingame ranking.
It was the most popular event in WolfTeam Germany back in 2011-2014. We want to bringt it back and improve it.
If you have feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to send us your thougths here.

The idea behind the CWWE is very basic:
We want to raise the activity in the clanwar-channel and give you a competition.
That means a lot of clanwars, teamwork, fun and a chance for some free and nice rewards.
It’s all about gaining CW-Points for your Clan. All the CW-Points your clan gathers during this weekend will be compared to the other participating clans.
The 3 clans with the most gained clanpoints while CWWE will receive a reward wich you can see here.

Even if you don’t get a reward you can prove yourself, enjoy some nice games and spread your clans name.
To participate you have not much to do: Just sign up, keep some notes and rules in mind, and have fun.
You should register your clan atleast one hour before the start of the CWWE.

– please respect your opponents and the agreements you made. Obey the official WolfTeam rules
– every item and weapon is allowed except for the shock bomb (because of a bug in combination with another item)
– a suspicios amount of clanwars against the same clan could be punished
– member limit is 50 people per clan (Wolfteam standard)
– you can play every mode you want, as many rounds/minutes as you want, as many members as you want
– if you want to report a clan because of a violation of the rules you can do it here

We reserve the right to reduce clan points or disqualify clans for breaking rules, also we reserve the rights to edit, remove and add rules at any time.

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