the hunt
We have send hundrets of soldiers into the war but without success. Maybe you can archive where others failed.
Your mission is simple: Find your target, hunt it and finnaly strike it down. But not just kill it, do it with a specific weapon!

1. Find the target
2. Kill the target with a headshot by any gun
3. Proof your kill by taking a screenshot
4. Claim your reward by uploading the screenshot and enter your Login ID

– Your Login ID is requiered that we can send out the reward. Your Login ID will not be published.
– You can only be rewarded one time each season.
– You are not allowed to edit the screenshot (default key: F8). The date and time must be visible.
– This event is currently only for WolfTeam published by Aeria Games.
– The rewards are given out at the end of the season.

rank Any [GM]
rank Any [CM]
rank Any [PM]

5 Days reward
5 Days reward
5 Days reward

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