Anticheat Guide

Each player participating in the tournament must download and use MOSS anticheat. It's a well known anticheat required for ensuring a fair game for everyone. You can find a link to its website here.

– Download links:

– How to use:

1] Unpack the file by using WinRAR or any other software. In WinRAR, to extract: right click click on the file you downloaded, and click on "Extract Here".
that the password for the file is: Moss

2] Open the program by right clicking on the extracted file, and click on "Run as Administrator".

3] Select your game by clicking on "File", clicking on "Parameters", selecting "Wolfteam", and clicking on "OK"

4] Before you open the game, click on "Capture", and click on "Start".

5] Start the game, and play normally.

6] After you close the game, go to MOSS again, and click on "Capture", then click on "Stop".

7] A new folder with the name "MOSS" will appear in the same place where you extracted MOSS file, and it will contain a zip file that has screenshots of the game.

8] You and all your Teammates will have to upload the zip file in MOSS folder through the Link on the Matchpage.

* Each player will have to upload the zip file to the link above after each game they play in the tournament. And, any missing or edited file will result in the entire team disqualifiqation.

* It is recommended that participants attempt to test the entire procedure so that they will be ready during tournament day, and inform us of any question for any potential issue.

Make sure you have all DirectX patches installed from here.

A video guide of that can be found here:

The main features of MOSS are:
– Automatic random screenshots
– Unique PC identifier based on Hardware information
– Game’s key files capture
– Real time Processor Speed versus BIOS setup and box nominal speed
– Game Exe SHA signature and start/stop time and injections
– Ingame screenshot stored when PrtnScrn is pressed
– Macros usage reported including Keys, timing and deviation and usage count
– Processes names, path and SHA2 listing at game start
– Antivirus in use and it’s status