Informations about the Wolfzone is a community-project designed to provide players a nice overview of wolfteams items.
The project was intended as a remake and upgrade of, our first wolfteam fanpage for the german community.
We wanted to build a website with a stable and popular CMS to have more possibilities and an easier way to manage the content.
The first steps were made in 2015 but after some months we lost track due to personal reasons.
Some friends from the old project regrouped and started in the early beginning of 2018 to take hands on the project again.
Since then we spent some money and countless hours to realize this project

This is a non-profit project. You don’t have to pay for anything and we don’t have advertisments.
We will update the content as fast as possible when new items get released in any version of Wolfteam.
Be aware that there could be differences in your wolfteam version. We do not guarantee the complete correctness of the overviews.
Feel free to use the images provided by us, but please consider mentioning our site.
If you found a bug or want to suggest something please use the report-a-bug form.
Special thanks to AeriaGames for supporting this project with rewards, promotion and resources. team
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Design, Images



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Reverse-Engineering, Design, Scripts



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Scripts, Resources



a big thank you to …
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Wolfteam Publisher

Thanks for
supporting this project.

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WolfTeam Developer

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Simon Renger

Lottery Plugin

If you want to do a donation please contact us and tell us your nickname, so we can list you. Thank you!
~2014 (WTL*) 10€ [VIP]PSYCHO
~2014 (WTL*) 5€ [GS]Lime
~2014 (WTL*) 5€ Epicss
~2014 (WTL*) 10€ [GM]vash
~2014 (WTL*) 10€ Xenris
~2014 (WTL*) 5€ Evonix
~2014 (WTL*) 5€ Fabs

*WTL = | Our first WolfTeam community project in 2011 – 2015.

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